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Why you should care about November 25

It was a murky night, with a couple of hours left until the sun comes up. A few hundred people in a slightly cold hall were deliberating for almost nine straight hours. You couldn’t tell it was that long. There were no visible signs of dissatisfaction because this wasn’t your ordinary meeting. On the contrary, cheers thundered through the entire hall. The delegates rose to their feet, while the Slavic hymn “Hej, Slaveni” (“Hey, Slavs”) echoed the auditorium. Afterward, comrade Vojislav Kecmanović announced that the assembly was over. Those were the final moments of the first ever ZAVNOBIH (State Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) assembly, held on November 25th, 1943 in Mrkonjić Grad. Because of...

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