Shipping currently available only in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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We say this with a heavy heart but for the time being, international shipments will be put on hold until further notice. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on economies around the globe, especially affecting small businesses. We are no exception as we had to close our doors and work from home when it comes to logistics and other operational processes. 

Unfortunately, it also means that shipping off orders internationally is not an option at the moment. Our national post service (our go-to shipping service) has suspended all international postal traffic, while the one available service - is overloaded with traffic and cannot offer assurances regarding the stability and timely execution of shipping. In other words: we can’t deliver what we promise, and that’s just not the way we do business. 

There is no fixed timetable as to when the international shipments will be available, nor when Bazerdžan’s doors will again be wide open for everyone. We are still shipping across Bosnia and Herzegovina as planned, though.

Adjusting to the coronavirus

It’s a new reality we have to deal with but it’s also an opportunity. 

A nice byproduct of this entire situation is that now we have more time to channel our inner creative selves. Hence, we’ve been busy showing off some practical tips and advice on how to deal with this raging pandemic, from DIY tutorials on creating masks and visors to having Instagram Story takeovers where @adavuk taught about breathing techniques, @ficacrew showed us how they are spending their days with an occasional healthy nutrition tip thrown in for good measure, and a lot more of interesting stuff.

instagram story

We invite you to join us on Instagram and Facebook as that is where we’ll be spending most of our time, trying to ride out the pandemic. We’ll also have a few interesting blog posts that focus on the fun and creative side of Bazerdžan because that’s what we all need right now - some light entertainment to ease this self-isolation thing. 

Stay home and stay safe!

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